flora fortuna

a tribute to sumia ♡

update log

"About time I made some progress."


16.02.22 { Steadily making progress... }
Currently working on the easier pages (everything related to the site). Honestly, I have so many thoughts when it comes to my interests but writing them down is hard work...it takes me ages and I always feel like I never make any sense. It's a struggle. I've created the following pages:
Site, About, Supports (Incomplete), and this page!


15.02.22 { Flora Fortuna is now open for business }
Hello World! Had so much fun creatng this layout. I spent my last remaining hour at work making the header image and made adjustments, the footer & code once I came home. (I don't feel guilty, I never take my unpaid hour lunch break so I consider this taking my break for once, ha!) Site is very bare bones at the moment but I'm so excited to work on this! Sumia was my world in 2015 and she's still extremely beloved to me years later.