Hi, welcome to retasu - my personal site on the web. Creating websites was one of my biggest hobbies as a child in the early 2000s, and I was particularly fond of the layouts used in anime graphic resource sites. I created this website to channel my nostalgia for that time. Here you'll find various pages dedicated to my interests, journal entries, oc gushing and infrequent art posts. Thank you for stopping by.

site updates

15/05/22 - created pages for my ocs: luna, sol, suvi & adrielle.
13/05/22 - created may blog page, added to doodles & fanart page.
10/03/22 - created march blog page.
02/02/22 - happy lunar new year! created february blog page.
29/01/22 - added sitely section with credits page.
26/01/22 - added links page.
19/01/22 - created gallery, ocs, doodles & fanart pages.
07/01/22 - created a footer & condensed the nav bar a little.
03/01/22 - happy new year! centered layout & changed navigation bar, created a music page
28/12/21 - updated blog layout, wrote new blog post, created photo log & thoughts page.
15/12/21 - index.html layout finished. created about, blog & fanlistings page.
10/12/21 - hello world!