Hi, welcome to retasu — my personal site. Creating websites was one of my biggest hobbies as a child in the early 2000s until I was swept away by the social network boom of the 2010s. This site is a way for me to return to a world that I have never really forgotten about even after all these years, and is inspired by the layouts of anime graphics resource and fan sites I used to browse endlessly as a little girl. is my website collective.

what's new

I'm finally back after seven months of inactivity. First and foremost, Happy New Year to you, reader. I truly hope 2024 is good to you and your loved ones.

This redesign was supposed to launch in the summer of 2023 and I don't really have any other explanation for my sudden disappearance other than: I finally quit that job, spent 4 months trying to find another and finally landed one after numerous harrowing interview/email rejections. If anyone reading this is currently on the job hunt, please know there's a 28 year old out there who is rooting for you and truly believes you'll find work that is fulfilling/pays the rent/whatever you need it to do. The job search is such a horrible process but I know everything will work out with time. Hang in there.

Now that I have a bit of stability back, I feel like I can finally start working on my sites without feeling guilty that I'm not using all of my time and energy applying to jobs. I have purged a lot of the pages in the 'me' section as my desire to create and write dwindles with every day that passes. I know it'll come back someday, but for now I have nothing really to showcase and so they will be left empty until further notice. I've left them in the navigation to save future me the trouble of editing the HTML of each page should I decide to share my work/words again.

On another note, this layout is the first I've ever made that is responsive on mobile devices. It's something I want to start doing moving forward and though my first attempt leaves a lot to be desired, I'm happy it's somewhat functional! My goal is to still keep the essence of the early 2000s layouts I loved so much as a child but update them so that they're accessible and responsive. I've got a lot to learn.

To those who still kept following me despite my absence, thank you! I very seldom browsed Neocities during my inactivity so I'm really excited to start exploring everybody's websites again.

To whomever is still reading, I hope you're well and having a good start to the year.


update log

  • 11/01/24 - v3 layout launched and retasu turned two last month!
  • 03/03/23 - created collections page.
  • 26/02/23 - created 'you' section with resources & websites page.
  • 05/01/23 - happy new year! created currently page & layout change for hiraeth (sasuhina fansite).
  • 10/12/22 - happy 1st anniversary, retasu! revamped site to v2. created sitemap, art log and music & gallery pages got a new look~
  • 28/10/22 - added a chatbox and updated thoughts & blog pages.
  • 15/05/22 - created pages for my ocs: luna, sol, suvi & adrielle.
  • 13/05/22 - added to doodles & fanart page.
  • 02/02/22 - happy lunar new year!
  • 29/01/22 - added sitely section with credits page.
  • 26/01/22 - added links page.
  • 19/01/22 - created gallery, ocs, doodles & fanart pages.
  • 07/01/22 - created a footer & condensed the nav bar a little.
  • 03/01/22 - happy new year! centered layout & changed navigation bar, created a music page
  • 28/12/21 - updated blog layout, wrote new blog post, created photo log & thoughts page.
  • 15/12/21 - index.html layout finished. created about, blog & fanlistings page.
  • 10/12/21 - hello world!