flora fortuna

a tribute to sumia ♡


"Ooh! What's this? I can't wait to show Chrom..."

Flora Fortuna was created on Tuesday 15th February 2022. It is an extension of my personal site — retasu and is one of many fansites I've made to house my never-ending thoughts on things that I am fond of. This is currently fansite number: three.

Name: Initially I had intended to call this site Bloom as a reference to Sumia's growth and love for flowers but found it sounded way too generic and boring. Other contenders were all associated with flowers: blossom, forescence, etc. I then thought about Flower Fortunes as Sumia frequently consults flowers to ease her troubles, and so Flora Fortuna was born! Flora and Fortuna are both Roman Goddesses of Flowers/Spring & Fortune respectively. Befitting of a Pegasus Knight who tends to flowers and uses their petals to decide her fate.

Layout: This is currently Version 1.0. The header image was created using Photopea and coded using Atom. The Sumia images used are illustrated by Yusuke Kozaki (Fire Emblem: Awakening) and Pikomaro (Fire Emblem: Heroes).