flora fortuna

a tribute to sumia ♡

Welcome to Flora Fortuna, a small fansite for my favourite pegasus knight: Sumia from the video game Fire Emblem: Awakening. I always seem to gravitate towards female fictional characters who are incredibly kind and hard-working but unfortunately suffer from immense self-esteem issues. Sumia is described in-game as an "absentminded, klutzy Shepherd with a shocking lack of self-worth," and I was immediately drawn to her as these pockets of her personality began to emerge.

"I struggled for a long time to keep up with the rest of the Shepherds. I must have picked every last flower in court trying to divine my place in the world. But eventually, things clicked and I fit in. You’ll find a home here, too. I know it."

This site is an extension of my main: retasu and is one of many fansites I've made for interests I've been particularly fixated on over the years. Here you'll find some information on Sumia, in-depth opinions on her character & her available supports (why are there so little, IntSys?!), a gallery of all available Sumia-centric media from the main game and other official sources, my own fanart and just simply unabashed gushing. Please note that there will be unmarked spoilers throughout this site so please proceed with caution if you haven't played Fire Emblem: Awakening. You're currently viewing Version 1 of Flora Fortuna. Please enjoy your stay!