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Lissa Explains Colorful and fun approach to learning HTML for Kids and the young at heart.
Toptal Utilities Free online and web-based tools & resources.
w3schools School for web developers. Covers everything you need to know.

layouts & templates

Old journal with free layouts & other resources.
Modern designed anime layouts & other graphics.
Old anime graphics resource site online since 2003.
CreateBlog Old resource website run by contributors.
Cute Japanese template & materials site.
Nostalgic early-2000s animanga graphics site.
Project to recover & reupload Photoshop resources from lost personal blogs from the mid-2000's.
Animanga graphics site online since 2020.
Anime & Game graphics & reviews.


Gorgeous original web graphics & pixel art website.
Cute Japanese pixel & sozai website.

image source sites

Subtle Patterns Free simple repeatable tile patterns.

miscelaneous useful links

Colorhunt Curated collection of beautiful colour palettes.
waifu2x Image upscaling & noise reduction tool. Can be used for artwork & photos.