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update log

A more in-depth log of my site updates. Newest are on top.

27.01.22 (neocities launch)

icon The original version of this site was created on 14/04/2020 — when I was laid off & stuck indoors thanks to COVID-19. It was hosted on FC2 webs and lasted only a few days before I became completely frustrated with my inadequate HTML/CSS knowledge from the early 2000s. Now that I've studied a little bit more, I wanted to try again, and so Hiraeth was (re)born. I tweaked the layout a little, but the main image is still the same as the original. It's from Kou Takamura's incredible SH doujinshi "Nemuri No Mori."

I'm kind of nervous to publish this site on neocities even though everyone I've encountered has been nothing but kind to me. Hostility in the shipping world has always been a thing but I'm way too old to engage with such things now. Please browse this site with an open mind. I 100% respect the canon pairings in naruto & the non-canon ones, so please respect my decision to go off the rails and ship two characters who have never spoken a word to each other. You can judge me and think I'm a loser behind closed doors but please don't send any direct hate my way.

If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy your stay.

14.04.2020 (fc2 launch)

iconSite Created! About 2% done. I haven't ventured into the web-design world in over 10 years so most my knowledge is from 2005-2010-ish? I've been spoiled by today's website builders I've forgotten how difficult it actually is to make a website from scratch lol. This is just a placement layout until I have all of my pages ready...although I'm quite fond of this simple layout? Image is from Kou Takamura's doujinshi "Nemuri No Mori."

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