noun: deep longing for something, especially one's home

about me

Hi, I'm a twenty-something internet dweller constatly fixating on the interests I had as a kid. Naruto and SasuHina were probably my biggest obsessions back then so I've made this site to express my love for both.

Naruto is my favourite shounen series of all time. It was extremely important to me during my formative years and continues to inspire me well into my adult-life. With every story I attempt to create, every self-indulgent OC I scribble into my sketchbook, I see Naruto’s influence in all of it. This series taught me about compassion, grief, friendship and the importance of hard work. Even with all of its flaws and disappointments, I can name no other shounen series that is as beloved to me as this one.

favourite characters

  • ✧ Sasuke Uchiha
  • ✧ Tenten
  • ✧ Sakura Haruno
  • ✧ Ino Yamanaka
  • ✧ Hinata Hyuuga (Pre-Time Skip only)
  • ✧ I adore all the rookies to be honest...


Favourite ♡
Sasuke x Hinata (The ship. Nothing will ever compare)

⟡ Sakura x Ino
⟡ Minato x Kushina
⟡ Lee x Tenten
⟡ Sasuke x Naruto
⟡ Shikamaru x Ino
⟡ Sakura x Karin
⟡ Most Hinata ships minus a few (NejiHina, ones with significant age gaps, etc.)

⟡ Sasuke x Ino
⟡ Sasuke x Karin
⟡ Kiba x Ino
⟡ Sai x Ino
⟡ Kakashi x Shizune

Don't mind
⟡ Naruto x Sakura
⟡ Sasuke x Sakura

Naruto x Hinata

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