noun: deep longing for something, especially one's home

past layouts

Hiraeth's layout archive — please click on the image previews for full view.

version 1.5

Version: 1.5
Launched: 14th April 2022
Featuring: Sasuke & Hinata illustration by Kou Takamura

Notes: This is actually a revamped version of Hiraeth's first layout (they're pretty much identical aside from the styling). It was my first foray into layout making after a whole decade and it really shows. Despite how simple it looks, I remember it giving me a lot of trouble. (I will continue learning to hopefully improve my skills!) The image is from the SasuHina doujinshi 'Nemuri no Mori' illustrated by Kou Takamura. I adore it, doesn't it give you such wholesome shoujo vibes?

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