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Just a heads up before you scroll, I’m very picky when it comes to SasuHina content. As a child I would consume anything under the sun as long as it had these two falling in love over and over again, but now as a grown adult, I’ve unfortunately become very particular with how I want their dynamic and relationship portrayed. I’m not saying that my tastes are the only correct way to enjoy SH content, nor am I saying that I’m above everyone and could write better, but there is a reason why this list isn’t exhaustive. I’m just a picky reader, that’s all.

Therefore, some things to note:

1. I do not tolerate Sakura bashing. Period. Sasuke being cruel to Sakura (especially post-war) will turn me off a fic straight away. I don’t enjoy reading stories where Sakura is the villain. She is one of Sasuke’s important people and I will never understand how people read the series thinking otherwise.

2. Possessive/Abusive Sasuke is just not my thing. I kind of find it hypocritical how much SasuHina fans badger on about how SasuSaku/SasuKarin is abusive because Sasuke tried to kill them and yet have him do the exact same things (sometimes worse) & more to Hinata in fics. Again, I’m not here to judge your tastes, if that’s your thing you do you, but you will not find any of those sorts of fics here.

3. Because I don’t like being a homewrecker (ha) I very rarely venture into fics set in the Boruto universe.

Now with that out of the way. Here’s a list of my favourite fanfics! Anything with a heart is a particular favourite of mine.

genin days/pre-timeskip

canon divergence


boruto era

high school au

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