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Fanart is such a big part of the SasuHina Experience™ and we're so fortunate to have a ton of them despite the lack of canon interaction. (Sometimes I still can't believe how popular this ship ended up being). This is a showcase of some of the most iconic & talented artists that have so lovingly graced the SH-world. We're all so lucky to have had them and their work. (Artists with a heart are particular favourites of mine).


kaonamari-icon Name: Kaon
Websites: TumblrTwitterPixiv
Favourite SH Artworks: X X X X X

Kaon has been one of my favourite artists since she posted this piece all the way back in 2011 and I've been following her artwork ever since. I'm always so inspired and absolutely blown away whenever she posts. Her illustrations are so atmospheric and she has such a superb use of colour. (The lighting in this piece honestly leaves me breathless). The details in the way she draws hands too? *chefs kiss*. I consider her one of the OG sasuhina artists (she's been in the game for more than a decade!) and I'm so grateful and happy to have her as a friend.

renoa heartilly

renoa-icon Name: Renoa
Websites: TumblrFanfictionDailymotion
Favourite SH Artworks: X X X X X X

Renoa is the undisputed Queen of SH. Both a brilliant artist and writer, I honestly believe she was the one who singlehandedly spearheaded sasuhina's popularity with her insanely influential fanfiction Torn. (She also wrote Fireworks, one of my favourite SH fics of all time). She has such a unique art-style and I've always admired her soft colours and fluid line-work (so expressive!). Though she's no longer active in the fandom I have never forgotten about her impact and legacy. Renoa walked so that all current SH artists could run.


lems-icon Name: Lems
Websites: TumblrDeviantARTTwitter
Favourite SH Artworks: X X X X X

Lems is another OG sasuhina fanartist that has been around since the early 2000s. Her artwork is stunning and I might as well have linked her entire gallery because all of her illustrations are so beautiful I cannot stress this enough. She draws Sasuke & Hinata with the most tender, loving, and at times sorrowful expressions and it's all so romantic & shoujo-esque. Truly an icon in the community.


clemtea-icon Name: Ysa
Websites: TumblrDeviantARTInstagram
Favourite SH Artworks: X X X

Ysa is no longer active in the SH-world but her presence & illustrations have left such an impact on me and the fandom. Just a master of composition, backgrounds, colouring, the works. Such beautiful strokes of colour in every piece and I just absolutely adore her style. I guarantee if you were an SH fan when she was active you had her art as your phone background at some point. She's still such an inspiration to me and I highly recommend that you check out her art outside of SH. She draws the most breathtaking landscapes.

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