noun: deep longing for something, especially one's home


SasuHina merch is unfortunately super rare but it does exist! I have a very small collection but I hope that one day I'll own all the items on my wishlist...the jp doujinshi seem unlikely though :(


kakusei-img Title: 覚醒 (Kakusei)
Circle: en・樹 (えんじゅ)
Artist: Kou Takamura
Pages/Size: 32 ~ B5
Published: 29.12.2005

Synopsis: Persistent nightmares of Itachi and the massacre leave Sasuke with very little sleep. After lunch he is exhausted after running away from his fanclub and falls asleep in a forest. Hinata appears and finds that her usual lunch spot has now been compromised. As she's about to leave she's startled by Sasuke talking in his sleep and quickly realises he's having a nightmare. In the nightmare, Itachi is about to deliver his final blow until Sasuke feels an unfamiliar but comforting sensation in his palm. A warm light engulfs his dream and the image of Itachi dissipates. This causes Sasuke to wake and the first thing he sees is Hinata's concerned, gentle expression. Hinata had stayed with him the entire time, and the warmth he felt in his dream was actually her hand in his. Realising that Hinata's warmth had stopped his nightmare, he grips her hand tighter and places his head on her shoulder, asking if they could stay like this for a while. The doujin ends with the sweetest thought from Sasuke: "I've finally found it...a place to rest."

Notes: The rarest (and I guess only) item in my collection. I don't even think a full scan of this doujinshi exists anywhere (I've searched high and low even before I owned it). I absolutely adore the story and art. Sasuke and Hinata both feel so in-character that it physically hurts me. Genin SH is my favourite SH so I hold en-ju's doujinshis near and dear to my heart.


The chances of me ever owning the following are about one in a billion but a girl can dream. (If you own any and are willing to sell, please contact me via. the CBox on my homepage!)

nemuri-no-mori-img Title: ねむりの森(再版)(Nemuri no Mori)
Circle: en・樹 (えんじゅ)
Artist: Kou Takamura
Pages/Size: 40 ~ B5
Published: 29.12.2005

spring-era-img Title: スプリング·エラ— (Spring Era)
Circle: 『UNKNOWN』
Artist/Writers: なるは | Sagami | RON
Pages: 46 (?)
Published: 17.06.2014

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